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The problem of excessive viscosity of oil
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In the process of operation, if the oil pressure indicates that the oil pressure value is too high, and are more than the specified value, Huaquan power remind you that you should consider whether the problem of oil viscosity, the oil will make too large diesel The pressure of the generator set is too high.

The size of the oil viscosity of the generator determines the size of the internal friction resistance when the oil flows. The viscosity of the oil is related to the temperature of the engine. When the engine temperature is low, the oil viscosity is large. On the other hand, when the engine temperature is high, the oil viscosity is small. Oil viscosity is poor when the poor mobility but good sealing, less leakage. If the oil viscosity exceeds the specified value, the flow resistance of the oil in the lubrication system increases and the pressure increases. It can be seen that the engine temperature is low or the viscosity of the oil itself is large (due to the improper selection of the oil grade, that is, the oil grade is not suitable for the ambient temperature, such as the winter selection of the summer viscosity of the oil), the oil pressure will be high.

In addition, the pressure regulating valve improper adjustment, filter clogging, pressure lubrication part of the gap is too small may also be the reason for the pressure is too high, this time on the need for operator one by one investigation, timely maintenance or replacement parts, so as to ensure that diesel The normal operation of the generator set.

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