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Analysis for Cause of Vibration in Diesel Generating Set
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Diesel generator sets of vibration phenomena are generally caused by the alternator.Shandong, Huaquan Power Co.,Ltd as a professional diesel generator manufacturers, with 16 years of diesel generator production and sales experience, according to customer doubts, after careful study concluded as follows :

First, the rotation part is imbalance, mainly the motor, coupler, coupling, transmission wheel (brake wheel) caused by imbalance. The method is to find a good rotor balance. If there is a large drive wheel, brake wheel, coupler, coupling, should be separated from the rotor separately to find a good balance.

Second, there is another reason is that the mechanical rotation caused by the rotation. Such as: core bracket loose, oblique keys, loose pin loose, the rotor is not tightly tied will cause some unbalanced rotation.

Third, the main faults of mechanical part are the following:

1, linkage part of the shaft asymmetry, the center line does not coincide, centering is not correct.
This failure is mainly due to the installation process, caused by the poor and improper installation.In addition, some of the linkage part of the center line in the cold state is coincident, but after a period of working,due to the rotor fulcrum, foundation and other deformation, the center line has been destroyed, resulting in vibration.

2, And the motor associated with the gear, coupling problems.
This failure is mainly manifested as bad gear teeth, bad teeth wear, bad wheel lubrication, coupling skew, dislocation, tooth coupling teeth, tooth pitch is not right, the gap is too large or serious wear and tear, will cause a certain vibration.
Diesel generator sets
3, The structure of the motor itself and the installation of defects and problems.
This fault is mainly manifested as the journal oval, the shaft bending, the shaft and the gap between the bearing is too large or too small, bearing, base plate, a part of the foundation and the entire motor installation foundation stiffness is not enough, the motor and the base plate between the fixed Not loose, the foot bolt loose, loose between the bearing and the base plate and so on. And the gap between the shaft and the bearing is too large or too small can not only cause vibration can also make the bearing lubrication and temperature anomalies.
4, the motor drag the load conduction vibration. For example: Turbine generator steam turbine vibration, motor drag the fan machine, pump vibration, causing motor vibration.

Fourth, the electrical part of the fault caused by the electromagnetic causes mainly include: AC motor stator wiring error, winding asynchronous motor rotor winding short circuit, synchronous motor excitation winding inter-turn short circuit, synchronous motor excitation coil connection error, cage type asynchronous Motor rotor broken bar, rotor core deformation caused by the fixed, the rotor air gap is uneven, resulting in uneven air gap noise caused by vibration.

The engineer from Shandong Huaquan Power Co.,Ltd think that the main cause of motor vibration have above reasons, of course also have some other reasons, we need to work carefully in the work, try to avoid these situations happening.

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